Hello to you all, Adam here. I have news! News of Dakesis!


We’ve played some shows over the past few months that were bloody good fun, but it’s behind a curtain of secrets and mystery that new material is slowly being brought to life. What an incredibly long gestation period it is too, but it will all be worth it in the end. Here are some rambling notes on what’s been going on.

The Dakesian Orchestra

So, a few things to mention, firstly there’s been the complete reworking of our old material. The use of backing tracks in a live situation is controversial I guess, but it works for the likes of Sabaton, Dimmu Borgir and Nightwish, so shush! For us it’s been a great way to achieve a much bigger sound on stage, and the four of us are still performing our little hearts out, after all this is what we live for. The backing tracks we’ve been using for the past 12 months have served us well, but now they’ve been ruthlessly scrapped, and we’ve started completely from scratch. So at the next show we’ll be unleashing a brand spanking new sound, with full orchestration and atmospherics. It’s a sound that we’ve been working towards for some years now, and to have finally achieved it feels amazing. There are oboes. And Glockenspiels. GLOCKS I TELL YOU!

Live News

Speaking of the next show, I can’t bloody wait. It will be at the Salutation Inn, Nottingham on Friday July 25th, supporting Aonia as they triumphantly release their new album ‘Sunchaser.’ This will be a great opportunity to catch up with Aonia, Divided We Fall, and The Mighty Wraith, three bloody awesome bands I recommend you check out!



Album Previews

Now then, in other news, I’d like to share with you a brief preview of some of the demos for the next album! These clips are incredibly short and rough sounding, also very basic in instrumentation. We’re thinking big for the next album, there are some very ambitious ideas and songs floating around. It’ll be progressive, it’ll be powerful, both fast and slow, joyful yet bluesy, triumphant but sometimes a bit daft. Although a lot of work has been done, the finish line is still a long way off. Nevertheless, here are some noises for you. Are you ready?

Aaaand it’s gone! Just like that. Just a few very short samples I know, but hopefully they give you an idea of the character and variation in some of the pieces we’ve been working on. It is extremely early for an album teaser at this stage though. I’m afraid it’s still going to be a long time until we’re at a stage that we can release the finished article, but rest assured we’re working our flippin’ arses off for it! There will be some new tracks coming to a live show near you very soon, I pinky promise.

And Finally…


The last piece of news is sort of Dakesis related I guess. Tomorrow is the 4th July, which means Matt Jones and I will be playing for blackened death metallers Christgrinder, again at the Saluation Inn, Nottingham. Please come along to cheer, boo and hiss your way through our set.

Onwards to Glory!