Dakesis are a Progressive Metal band from Birmingham, UK. Formed in 2008, with the release of a limited edition four track E.P they soon followed on with their debut album ‘Trial By Fire’ in 2011 to much critical acclaim. After the success of this album and extensive touring and festival appearances throughout the UK, the band went on to record their second full length album “The New Dawn” released in March 2016. Their third studio album “Fractures” was released on 28th March 2020.

Gemma Lawler – Vocals
Matt Jones – Guitar
Jacob Underwood – Keyboards
Amie Chatterley – Bass & Vocals
Adam Harris – Drums & Vocals



CapsaArx Records

Management & Booking:
Amie Chatterley


"Vocalist Gemma owned the stage as soon as she stepped onto it, with her trademark blue hair and a swooshing black cloak. They treated the crowd to some brand new songs from their new album that is currently in the works, as well as some fan-favourites. The room was packed and there was a great atmosphere."

The Moshville Times

"You are clearly able to tell from the crowd’s reaction that DAKESIS are a well-favoured band in their hometown. Fans even travelled from near and far embrace their Prog-Power style. They certainly raise the flag for the scene and treated us all to some new songs from their highly anticipated third album."

Rock Out Stand Out

"With a new album due out soon, they delivered a barn stomping set, that really should have seen them headline. Filled with energy and some chaos, they bewitched the crowd and ensured that a good time was had by all. A mosh pit broke out halfway through the set, and as the band reached its finale, the crowd demanded more, more more."

The Median Man

"DAKESIS in their genre are right at the top of the class."

Metal Shock Finland

"This is one of those albums that makes you wonder how the band isn't on a label with at least a distro deal. Dakesis may not be at the same level, but hints of Dream Theater, Anubis Gate and Symphony X should give you an idea of what the band is shooting for and whether or not you want to check them out. I say go for it."

Metal Crypt

"If they keep growing the way they have been then they will be a major force to reckon with in the near future."


"Dakesis are a band to watch out for. They’re coming to blow your mind. This is a band you need to check out live."

All About The Rock

"Dakesis heralded in the dawn of a new age of steel at BOA. Naysayers reckoned they wouldn’t last 6 months but they’ve proved everyone wrong and the future looks bright."